Monday, February 28, 2011

Entry from Greg: 28mm Foundry Austrian Jaegers

Here we have the second entry from Greg for the Painting Challenge: a batch of 12 Austrian Jaegers ready to put the 'volt' back in some voltigeurs. Heh heh, I kill myself sometimes... Anyway, these are 28mm Foundry castings.

As Greg mentions here these guys look like 'Central Casting' characters for a Ricola commercial - except with guns instead of horns.

Greg plans to do a few more Foundry boys based as singles, like these, for skirmishing but will use Alban Miniatures castings for a unit that is formed up into ranks for close order duties.

So this entry puts another dozen points on the scoreboard for Greg. He says he has a full unit of Austrian dragoons in the works so lets see if he can close the gap with JohnM with those boys, or will John beat him to the punch with some fresh stuff? Only time will tell.

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