Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Oni Shamans for 'Hametsu'


Here is another small addition to my fantasy Japanese collection for 'Hametsu' with two Oni shamans.

These are 3d prints from MyMiniFactory. I scaled them to 40mm to fit in with my other Oni baddies. They will provide some much need spell-casting for the Oni villains.

This rather elegant female shaman is from Lord of the Print. Unfortunately the facial detail was a bit soft, and I tried my best to help it along with the brush, but to no avail. Still, a lovely model to work on.

I will claim her for a trip on Sarah's Book Cart to the Giftshop where I'll be meeting up with Lady Sarah for a co-authored entry!

This hipster male oni shaman is from Kyoushuneko Miniatures.


- Curt


  1. Wonderfully clean paint-jobs, Curt. I was especially impressed with the lovely white you created. Did you do the supports yourself for the figs once you'd upscaled the figures..?

    1. Thanks Simon! Yes, I typically do my own supports in Chitubox.


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