Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Gnomish Airship

Hi Everyone,

We recently had a Christmas-themed game of Moonstone which, as usual, was a lot of fun. I was hoping to have this entry done for the game, but it just wasn't quite ready for the tabletop, but I did manage to finish it for our next outing. 

This is the 'Gnomish Airship' for Moonstone (one of our proud Challenge sponsors). It's a lovely little model, packed full of whimsical character and silliness (who can deny an pedal-powered airship, armed with a steam harpoon and bombs). I painted it up using fairly punchy colours, reasoning that Gnomes are a jolly lot and so would like their flying machines to be much the same.

I considered breaking out the airbrush for this little brute, but frankly I was just too lazy (rum and eggnog are good sandbags to activity) and the model actually seemed well-suited to straightforward brushwork. I used a mixture of VMC, Contrast and good ole craft paint for this. It was a lot of fun to work on (though it's a surprisingly delicate piece, so I had to be mindful).

The base was built up with foam bits, liquitex and tallus. I had some great mushroom prints on hand, which I glued in for a bit of additional whimsy.

The Airship will be a nice addition to the Gnome troupe and I hope to see it plying the skies, causing mayhem, during our next game.

Mama Grimble, her two Boys and the new Gnome Airship.


Thanks for popping in for a look!

- Curt

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