Saturday, March 11, 2023

Objective Markers for Turnip28

Hey there!

Turnip28 is focused on seizing and holding objectives. These are usually scattered around the battlefield, often nestled in tricky locations, all for opposing forces to bleed each other dry over. Objectives can just be simple tokens, but I decided to amuse myself trying to make them sympathetic to the weird and disturbed setting of T28.

I thought an outhouse would be an excellent objective. Well, perhaps one that isn't as malodorous as this, but we all know: when you go to go - you got to go.

I enjoyed doing up this Catherine Wheel. In order to make it extra creepy (as if the Wheel needs to be more creepy) I added a Hanged Man, similar to what you'd find in a tarot deck. Hmm, will capturing this objective be good luck or bad?

Nothing like a guillotine to give you that reeal close shave. Also really handy for chopping carrots!

An abandoned trench pony. This poor little fella's a bit woebegone, with his heavy burden of victuals and ammunition. Any unit would be happy to have him in their ranks.

And finally, a beloved piano for the troops to gather 'round, singing songs of long lost potatoes and new found parsnips. Looks like it needs a bit of TLC a maybe some tuning.

All of these, except for the guillotine, are from Knucklebones Miniatures.

Now, back to the hobby desk to see what else I can get done before the Challenge concludes.

- Curt 


  1. those are brilliant! Really add to the character of the table

    1. Thanks James! Yeah, I hope they help set the tone for when we play.

  2. Fantastic work. I agree with james, they'll add lots of character to the table


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