Tuesday, March 14, 2023

10mm Empire Knights


Next up for my 10mm Empire force is a regiment of heavily armoured knights. I love these guys as they have that heavy-hitting, Renaissance gendarme look about them, with their fully encased, fluted plate, lances with snapping pennants, and bedecked with ostentatious plumes. Wonderful stuff. 

In the Warhammer lore, the Empire is composed of a variety of provinces, each with their own independent army and unique livery. This is great as it allows collectors to have fun fielding units in a riot of colours, if they wish. 

This regiment is fairly restrained in their 'white' armour and unpainted lances. Perhaps for a future unit I'll splash out with more colour.

Speaking of additional colour, this regiment has a general attached who is clad in his family's vibrant red livery. 

For the flags, I delved into my decal box and pulled out some unused Titan transfers from my Adeptus Titanicus kits. They seem to do the trick for these Imperials.

And a final shot of the reinforced contingent with halberdiers in support and knights leading the way.

- Curt

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