Monday, February 6, 2023

Artillery for Turnip28

Hi Folks!

So, now that I have the officers, rank-and-file and skirmishers done, let's move on to some stuff that makes a big bang on the table. Yes indeed, it's the artillery! In Turnip28 artillery are as prone to blow up their crews as they are to harm the enemy. But with grave risks comes great rewards, right? 

Stump Guns are the garden variety artillery in Turnip28 (heh, see what I did there). Think of them being similar to the artillery used in the late medieval period, but even more capricious and undependable. 

For a bit of fun and colour, I played around giving a verdigris patina to the guns using a variation I found on a YouTube tutorial (so handy for ideas). 

Next are two Rocket launchers. Again, quite dangerous contraptions, but they have the siren's sweet promise of wreaking havoc amongst your foes. If your dice are lucky. Maybe. Otherwise, well, at least the crew will get to see some sights as they enter the atmosphere.

Finally we have The Grand Bombard. This beast can be rather rude to the enemy, and in a pinch, its crew can even 'invite' Snob officers to serve as makeshift ammunition. So when the gunner says, 'We'll shoot you to the head of the column, Guv'nor', he's really not fibbing.

All of these whacky pieces of ordinance need to be crewed, so we have a half-dozen fanatical gunners, along with a brace of ammunition carts for them to gather around during their smoke break.

The rocket batteries, Grand Bombard and crew are from Knucklebones Miniatures, whereas the Stump Guns are from StoneAxe Miniatures and the carts from Mammoth Factory.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you all have a great week ahead.

- Curt


  1. They are an oddly funny lot. :)

  2. A fabulous artillery train there Curt - Love them all!

    I've just finished my first stump gun, but the Siren song of the Rocket battery and its 'pandemonium ammunition' is strong...

    1. Haha! Thank you Paul. Yes, you NEED to get yourself a Rocket Battery for your rooty forces. :)


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