Thursday, January 19, 2023

Kushite Warriors and Pets


Our 'World Cinema' location in the Painting Challenge asks for something that is 'elsewhere from where you live'. Well, as I look at our snow covered environs I can think of nothing more 'elsewhere' than a bunch of half-naked desert dwellers, a lion, and a passel of African baboons capering around Egypt.

Lady Sarah on the pier overlooking Regina's (frozen) Wascana Lake.

Yep, here we have a group of fierce Kushite warriors, along with their even fiercer house pets. I saw these on the Footsore Miniature website and had to get a set. 

I understand that the warriors of Kush would wear animal hides and paint their bodies with vermillion and white ash - now, really, how much more fashion-forward can you get? Seriously though, I quite like the high-contrast effect of the white alongside the red. I think I may need more of these...

I don't know how the whole half-starved-lion-on-a-leash-thing worked, but I have a hunch that it probably resulted in a lot of OH&S paperwork from partially eaten handlers. 

Apparently the Kushites used baboons like guard dogs. Recalling my recent viewing of 'Planet of the Apes', I'm thinking, 'What could possibly go wrong?'  For a bit more colour, I decided to do these three up as Mandrills with their distinctive red and blue faces (though they are on the wrong side of Africa to be entirely correct, but let's not get hung up on specifics). 

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- Curt


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