Monday, March 14, 2022

Elven Squirrel Raider vs The Bell Sentries!

Hi All!

I'm back with a few more figures from the marvellously creative and quirky CobraMode. 

This time we have an elven female fighter, astride her giant battle squirrel, facing off against a quartet of enchanted bell sentries whose mist-like forms carry monstrous war hammers. 

I know, it's all completely mental, but I love 'em.

All of these figures were great fun to work on. The squirrel rider turned out to be quite a delicate model with lots of nooks and crannies to contend with, requiring me to paint most of the component parts before final assembly. 

Still, all the bits went together without a hitch. I decided to pin her mount's leg to the base as everything is balanced on that single limb. 

On the other spectrum, the Bell Sentries were one-piece models and a complete doodle to paint up. As I kept the colours pretty straightforward, they cracked off fairly quickly. I decided to do non-metalic metals for these as I found the anime style seems to work well for them.

Thanks for dropping in!

- Curt


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