Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Yellowjacket vs The FemmeBots of Venus

'The Yellowjacket' (known affectionately by his friends as 'The Flying Codpiece') feathers his jetpack and quietly lands on the strange mountain. He descends into its depths, following an ancient map which promises to lead him to the Altar of the SnowLord.

He makes good progress, but as The Yellowjacket begins to softly pad trough a darkened chamber, he steps on a flagstone which shifts tellingly under his foot. He rolls his eyes and draws his pistol, 'Damn. I knew this was too easy.' He hears the faint click and whir of activating mechanisms, as seven lithe figures emerge from niches in the wall.  Their alabaster skin seems alight with an unknown energy within. They all draw pistols and their purple-haired leader says in a soft metallic voice, 'Who passes the Threshold? Name and password, please.'

Yellowjacket adjusts his codpiece nervously as he faces the FemmeBots of Venus...

The Yellowjacket is a figure from TinMan Miniatures. A great casting in a classic comicbook pose.

My FemmeBots of Venus were from Statuesque Miniatures. I say 'were' as they don't appear to be available anymore, which is a pity as they are really lovely castings. 

As simple as they seem, the alabaster white on these gals was complete swine to paint (and no, I don't want to talk about it...).

Next Up: The Gallery of Ancestors!

- Curt


  1. Nice work Curt

    I think his nickname works


    1. He has the hind quarters of a grand national. Woof! Woof! :)

      Thanks Matt

  2. They are still available here, Curt: https://cpmodels.co.uk/product-category/28mm-ranges/28mm-sci-fi/special-operatives/

    1. Awesome! I'm glad they are still available to be enjoyed.


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