Wednesday, March 5, 2014

From RayR: 15mm Napoleonic Hanoverian Hussars (48 Points)

From Ray:
My next entry is a unit of twelve 15mm Napoleonic Hanoverian Hussars for the Battle of Waterloo. (They are actually Baden Hussars from Essex Miniatures, but don't tell anyone!) These rather splendid looking chaps are the Duke of Cumberland's Hussars, unfortunately they were quite unfit to where their dashing uniform. 

During the Battle they decided they'd had enough before they'd actually done anything and fled the field, all the way back to Brussels. On arriving they spread the word that Wellington had lost the battle causing panic to spread across the town. Old Nosey quite understandably wasn't impressed, the regt was immediately disbanded and the Gentleman Volunteers were assigned to menial task duties!
Lovely work Ray. I'm not sure if I've ever seen you work on Napoleonics before but I'm sure you must have. This is a beautiful regiment irrespective of their rather chequered past. It would be great to have another rendition of these fellows, still dressed in the same uniforms, but post Waterloo, ie. chopping wood and digging latrines...

These Hanoverian hussars will give Ray 48 points. 


  1. Splendid looking unit, Ray! Hopefully they won't cut and run when you use them! Of course, a good reason why I prefer good honest infantry. Infantry can't flee like cav, so it's better to stand shoulder to shoulder with your mates and do your level best to make a bad day for the other guy! ;)

  2. This must be one of the few units Postie does not have. Very nice Ray. Great additions to posties army!

  3. Well done Ray. That's several non-9YW units (although this one is at least in 15mm and cavalry). Should we be alarmed?
    Cheers, PD

    1. I'm waiting for him to paint an army of badgers. Just think of the tactical advantage they'd have. Whilst Fran is hugging thos hedges, Rays badgers could tunnel up from beneath him and BAM!

    2. Seeing the rabbit ranger on your blog, I keep waiting to see you paint up some forces of "Redwall" such as Martin the Mouse or the Lord Badger and his Long Patrol Hares! ;) maybe a Marlfox or three!

    3. Badgers? Postie wouldn't allow them - they might move his goalposts

      Nice work on these Ray

  4. Well don Ray, good to see you on top form!

  5. Very nice indeed, pity they did so poor when you painted them up so good


  6. Excellent work Ray - a great looking unit that, hopefully, will do better on the tabletop than in the history books

  7. Great work Ray, they really look the part. Hopefully they redeem themselves on the tabletop.

  8. Good work.
    Hmmm...digging holes or getting shot at.
    I know where I would be.

  9. Excellent work Ray, nice to see some more of your Napoleonics


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