Monday, March 17, 2014

From MichaelA: 28mm Matabele Tribal Warriors (80 points)

From Michael:

As we enter the final throes of the Challenge there has been a flurry of excitement here at 'Awdry Towers' as I struggle to finish off units before the allotted deadline. To that end I present these fine warriors from the Matabele nation, all sixteen of them! They are all 28mm miniatures from North Star Military Figures and to quote their site, "The Matabele are an African tribe whose origins were in the mighty Zulu Nation. During the early 19th Century they rebelled and create an infamous name for themselves as they escaped North to settle in what is now Zimbabwe. The Matabele Kingdom was defeated in 1893 and 1896 by Cecil Rhodes and his British South Africa Company."
This entry is made up of four of their packs including Warriors in full Regalia (Insuga Regt.), Matabele Amadoda Warriors, Chief and Izinduna and finally Matabele Warriors Firing Muskets.
All took far longer than I thought they would, what with all their cow tail ornaments, shield designs ostrich feathers! Still finally done and off the table, phew!

These are beautiful figures Michael. I'm not familiar with the North Star range but I must say these look to be cracking sculpts. I really love the skin tone you've achieved with these fellows and the hide shields are marvellous. 

These sixteen Matabele warriors will give Michael 80 points which in addition to your upcoming bonus round points will put you well over you 1000 point second target. Congratulations Michael - Lovely work and a wonderful effort overall!


  1. The much anticipated Matabele warriors at last. Great work Michael :)

  2. Those skin tones are gorgeous Michael!

  3. Simply stunning. Your shields are superb and I really like the skintones you gave these guys. Congrats for reaching your second goal just in time.

  4. Very nice mate. The skin tones are marvellous. You can even say there's a Victorian angle I suppose :-)

  5. Really nice!!! Wonderful skin tones.

  6. Great work Michael. Who made the figures? Thank you -- zimbot38


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