Wednesday, February 26, 2014

From SamuliS: 6mm ACW Union Mounted and Dismounted Cavalry, Artillery and Command (80 points)

From Samuli:
Back to ACW with the cavalry and artillery units of my force. 2 mounted and 4 dismounted cavalry units and 5 artillery batteries in addition to three more command stands. All of them Baccus again. Great quality all around and a pleasure to paint in this scale. The tiny flags were bit of a pain to paint as Baccus has for some reason decided to sculpt them straight on instead of leaving room for printed flags like on the infantry and on the command flag stands.
I decided to try another background when taking pics of these little guys. This time black instead of the normal light grey or the scenic base I have. 
Seems to work quite nicely and I was a bit surprised that finding good settings for the photos was maybe even a bit easier than with the lighter backgrounds.

Excellent work Samuli! You've done a wonderful job on these. I especially like the dismounted cavalry bases with their integrated mounts and horse-holders. Its also nice to see another (potential) convert to using a black background. I find it does a great job of showcasing the miniatures and not altering or washing out colours.

These very fine union cavalrymen, officers and attendant artillery will give Samuli 80 points. Great job!


  1. Thanks!

    And yes Curt I think I might have to stick to the black background :) It does seem to bring out the colours better. Grey somehow makes everything a bit "flat". I guess I'll still have to try black backgrounds with some "cloudy" texture or the like that they tend to use at a photography studio.

  2. Having seen these I will have to repaint and base my 6mm union army... These are great. I hope mine can come out as nice as these.

  3. WoW. These ar really not helping me resist the siren call of doing the Franco-Prussian War ion 6mm. Lovely stuff. I particularly like the diorama base style.

    1. Ooh, Franco-Prussians in 6mm? Now you're talkin. I could get behind that.

  4. Curses, curses, curses! These are inciting my 6mm ACW guys to insurrection. they are objecting to being white still.

    Great work Samuli :)

  5. Love these. I have painted up a lot of Baccus ACW and these are good


  6. Great job. My first foray into historical miniatures (after following my then 12 year old son into, shudder, 40k for a bit) was 6mm ACW from Baccus. I've got maybe 3,000 of the little bugger painted up but none to your standards. What ruleset are you going to use these gems with?

  7. That's a lovely sight Samuli very nicely done


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