Tuesday, February 25, 2014

From PaulS: 28mm WWII Soviet Infantry (85 points)

From Paul:
Here are 17 more additions to the painting challenge. I seem to be on a roll finishing things this week!
These Russians are the first half of a 500point Bolt Action force to face off against the Commandos from earlier in the challenge as well as providing a pool of Russians to feed into the Mythos meat grinder against the horrors of the Achtung! Cthulhu models that have also been dribbling in.
Having a standard bearer seems to be pretty iconic in Russian propaganda, so I decided to steal one of the spare Warhammer Empire army standard bearer arms to make one of my own. I've no idea if there's an in-game use for one, but he adds that little extra touch to the squad. These guys had a lot more time spent on them than the Commandos and it shows (in person). I really need to work on better photography this year... 

Finally we also have a Russian spotter. Originally he was part of a sniper squad, but basing two guys laying down was becoming a pain, so he's now a solo spotter instead.

Beautiful work Paul. The use of the Warhammer Fantasy banner is genius. It really amps up the 'heroic' aspect of the figure. I know I've mentioned this to you in the past but I really like the minimalism of the clear bases. I know they may not be for everyone but I think they look quite elegant (and certainly saves time and money on doing groundwork!).

These Heroes of the Soviet Union will give Paul 85 points. Well done!


  1. Great painting work. The clear bases are really nice!

    Very clear!

  2. Well done Comrade! These men will do the Motherland proud in the Great Patriotic war against the elder horrors

  3. Lovely work.. Quiet taken with the clear bases..

  4. Really nice and the different basing is novel. Interested how they look on the table.

  5. Great work Paul. Nice idea using clear bases

  6. Nice job and I like that banner!

  7. Lovely crisp painting. The banner is great.

  8. Awesome work again. The clear bases are an excellent idea.

  9. Very nice, when I first saw the clear bases I was unimpressed but now I think they are great


    1. I wasn't keen the first time I saw them used either; then I saw them on a gaming table and it all clicked :D

  10. Thanks all. The banner was one of those "How do I make this unit look more cinematic?" things. The warhammer arm looks a little bit odd compared to the bolt action arm, but only if you're really looking for the difference.

  11. Nice Work Paul and I do like the banner


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