Thursday, February 27, 2014

From Millsy: 28mm ECW Rupert's Lifeguard of Horse (60 points)

From Millsy:
See? I told you I was painting ECW cavalry. Despite my easily distracted nature, I have managed to get these chaps off the painting table today.
This is Prince Rupert's Lifeguard of Horse, armed and armoured as befits the best of the best. No pistols out for these lads, it's swords out and charging into the teeth of the enemy just as Rupert taught them.
The miniatures are a mix of 28mm Renegade and Bicorne riders on Renegade horses. An absolute joy to paint as always and packed with lovely detail and character. The sashes on the Bicorne figures are especially nice.

The guidon is a commercial one for once, as opposed to my usual home made efforts. I was given it as a prize years ago when I took part in a massive ECW participation game. I commanded the Royalist cavalry and drove the enemy horse from the table with their tails well and truly between their legs. In proper Cavalier fashion I immediately followed and myself and my opposite number retired to the bar early. :-)
Well, that was certainly worth the wait, eh? Bravo Millsy, these are some excellent harse boyz. Very clean brush-work and great basing to boot. Wonderful stuff.

These hard chargers of Rupert Lifeguard will give Millsy 60 points. 


  1. Great work on these horsemen! I don't know much about the ECW but judging from his colors Rupert seemed to have had bavarian ancestors ;-)

  2. Nice work and I like the white trim on red.


  3. Thanks folks!

    Moiterei_1984 you are spot on - amongst his multitude of titles Rupert was a Duke of Bavaria, although he was most commonly referred to as Prince Rupert of the Rhine.

  4. Absolutely stunning! Really impressive work.

  5. Nice looking figures!! But where's Boy?

    1. Preparing a welcome for his Sorcerous Master in the Pit That Is Bottomless, no doubt.

      A fitting revenge for the Sack of Bolton; no Godly man need fear the Prince's evil familiar now!

  6. Lovely paint job, Michael (even if they are on the wrong side!). I must therefore respectfully suggest that, in the interests of fairness, a troop of Haselrig's Lobsters or a block of New Model Army should be added to your 'to do' list!
    ; )


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