Monday, February 17, 2014

From MilesR: Part II of the Imperial Japanese Navy Coral Sea Fleet in 1:6000 (42 points)

Well I'm back from our weekend break and see that I have a load of entries to catch up on - it's good to know that people have not reduced their pace during my absence! First off we have Miles with the remainder of the Imperial Japanese Fleet that was present at the Battle of the Coral Sea (plus a brace of the huge battlewagons).

From Miles:
Some more reinforcements for the IJN in 1/6000. This submission includes 12 Mutsuki class Destroyers and 2 Tenru Class Light Cruisers, which will complete the fleet for the Coral Sea campaign. In addition I’ve bulked up my Japanese fleet with 4 Mogami class Heavy Cruisers and 2 Battleships - the Yamato and Mushashi.
A close up of 6 Mutsuki class destroyers on the right flank.
And the other six destroyers on the left.
Two Tenru class Light Cruisers and the four Mogami’s - well actually only three - it seems I stuck a Myoko in there by mistake. I’m sure that happens to all of you too.
The Big Gals - the Yamato and the Musashi. These were the largest Battleships eve built and mounted 18 inch guns.
The full fleet on the move: 5 Carriers, 2 Battleships, 12 Cruisers, 2 Light Cruisers and 28 Destroyers. Next up, the US Coral Sea fleet!

Wonderful work Miles! Its great to see your whole IJN fleet all arrayed and ready for action. I really look forward to seeing the corresponding American fleet make its debut. We game with 'General Quarters III' and I wonder how these 1:6000 figures would adapt to it... We'd probably just have to scale the movement distances and create a new turning gauge but otherwise I think it could work. Hmmm...

This, the last part of the IJN Coral Sea Fleet will give Miles 42 points. Well done Mr. R!


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