Saturday, February 22, 2014

From ClintB: Grave Robbers, Opel & Sea Monster (!) (18 points)

From Clint:
Odds and Sods
Originally started these two Victorian era Grave robbers for the villains bonus round. But they were not done in time so Burke and Hare have stayed on my painting desk for too long so I thought I should finish them while watching the Curling! The 2 figures are West Wind Productions, part of the 'Empire of the Dead' range and as such are both 28mm scale. I did also consider doing them for the Casualty round but again another dead line missed (Har! Har! Har! - ed.).

Also a solitary Skytrex Action 200 range Opel Blitz Truck.  I scrounged the truck from a friend and have painted it in civilian livery as I want to use it as a Spanish Civil War truck. I know It's not exactly correct but it is close enough at 10mm that I should get away with it. I have a planned Game of SCW with Posties Rejects and am just cobbling together troops as you read this. So I hope to have some to show next week.

Additionally here is a Spartan Games Uncharted Seas Sea monster. I am not sure what scale one would attache to this resin Water elemental, as while the ships are supposedly 1/600th scale I suspect this beast will eventually be used in some 28mm Fantasy skirmish game. 

Ha! Great work Clint. Those two grave robbers are wonderfully characterful and you've done a magnificent job on their faces. (I now need a set of these...). The truck will look great for SCW gaming (you often need a lot of them and some variation adds to the overall look I think). The sea monster is very scary. We play Dystopian Wars but I've always wanted to try Uncharted Seas for no other reason for the fun of encountering monsters like this on the high seas. Fun!

This interesting selection of miniatures will give Clint 18 points, just enough for him to meet his second Challenge target of 950 points. Congratulations! Very nicely done, sir!


  1. Ooh, love the grave robbers, and yen sea elemental is rather something..

  2. Nice work on all of these Clint. The grave robbers look suitably roguish and that monster of the deeps definitely conjures up feelings of "here be monsters"

  3. Very nice Grave robbers Clint

  4. Love the grave robbers and the truck works just fine to my eyes.
    Cheers, PD

  5. Nice work Clint. The chap on the left looks like the grave digger chappie from Van Helsing.

  6. Thank you all. Some additional thoughts. I missed the buttons on the Green grave robbers coat, consider them painted now! Also the sculps hat seems like an after thought which made me prefer painting the other chap. Also I had not realised that I had a pun in there (thanks Curt now I feel like the bad joke award should go to me... deadline indeed!). I shall have to watch Van Helsing again just to check now!

    I have some more ww2 trucks for the SCW game, but they will need a repaint, so will not be shown as part of the painting challenge. What I am short of for the SCW game at the moment is Cavalry.... but an order has been placed. Including cavalry in Sombreros! (I am so looking forward to those!) If only SCW had camels ....... that would be bliss!

    The Sea monster I see no reason not to have them in Dystopian wars should you choose and players agree maybe it could just be a freak wave! Ok maybe not!

    But as always I really appreciate the comments. All the Best Clint


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