Tuesday, February 4, 2014

From BrendonW: 15mm WWII German Tiger Tank (7 points)

From Brendon:
15mm Tiger from Battlefront. I have had a desire to paint an early Tiger in Panzer Shadow Grey for a while and I purchased this a while back so the Challenge actually motivated me to finally get him completed. He wasn't ready in time for the Vehicle Bonus challenge but I was considering him for that.

He is on a recent addition to my terrain. Cratered Cobblestone Roads from Gale Force Nine. Should cause some interesting choices in games. The first Tigers deployed was in the Eastern Front in the Leningrad area Late 1942 I think. That's what time period I was aiming for. 
I made a roll for the turret from milliput to help break up the colour a little. I also glued an aerial on. I really like my tanks to look weathered and Tanks with a single colour are just great for adding dust and mud.

That's a great looking Tiger Brendon. I like seeing these Big Lads in early war colours from time to time as it's a nice break from the ubiquitous ambush pattern. The weathering is also very well done, giving this cat a realistic careworn look.

This early Tiger will give Brendon 7 points. Nice job!


  1. Excellent job - I really like the weathering

  2. Great job i also think you've done a great job on the weathering

  3. That Big cat looks lived in. Great work on a 15mm tank. Lovely and Tatty, in a good way.

  4. Lovely Tiger Brendon - I'm about to do some for use with Battlegroup Kursk

  5. Absolutely great work on the early war Panzergrau. The weathering looks spot on also.

  6. Great work Brendon, the weathering looks pretty cool!

  7. 15mm? That would be impressively detailed if it was 54mm!


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