Sunday, February 9, 2014

From BenD: 15mm WWII 'Soviet' Armour and Infantry (138 points)

From Ben:
Hello All
While I was painting the US from my last post, I finished off a load of half painted soviet bits and pieces I had meant to get around to to help brake up the Brown Violet. These were a couple of Captured Panthers, a Spetsnaz Unit in Captured German Half Tracks and the Infantry for a Rota Infantry platoon (need to start the Transports...).
I will be honest I was dreading the Soviet infantry, base after base of guys to paint.... this and I much prefer painting tanks (I think because it's a lot quicker for me to do). But with all that I must say these guys were fun! I used a few quick methods I have been  messing around with since I did my US winter Infantry and the end results while not stunning are up to a very good table top standard (really my goal with 15mm).
The Panthers were a lot of fun to paint, I love captured equipment (probably why the Fins are my favourite army as it's almost all captured!) I thought about painting them in German Camo, but thought I'd give them a go in Russian Green first. Part of my wishes I had done German Camo, but I'm still happy with the end result.
And Finally the Spetsnaz, the half tracks are green for the same reasons as the Panthers. I tried to paint the special Soviet camo, but I really struggled with it, so in the end I used the colours from it and used my own pattern. After a quick ink wash I think it works well, if not 100% accurate.
Until next time 

Great work Ben. I'm sure all this captured equipment will provide a rude surprise to their German adversaries. Also, it's nice to see some non-armour entries from you as well - they are every bit as nice as your vehicles. Wonderful stuff.

This collection of Soviet armour and infantry will give Ben 138 points.


  1. Very nice painting again! The green of the armour is spot on.

  2. Woohooo! Captured Ordinance. I like the green Panthers. Nice work.

  3. The infantry look great mate. I've been through the horror of painting a Strelk Horde myself so I feel your pain ;-)

  4. Very nice indeed Ben!

    I was just reading thee other day about the 30 odd T-34/76s used by the Germans at Kursk - now I want to do some of those tanks in German camo!

  5. Good painting. It's going to be a really good looking army.


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