Monday, February 10, 2014

Form TamsinP: Waste Reprocessing Ship 'J Peasmold' (15 points)

From Tamsin:
Just to prove that I am alive and still painting, here's a single spaceship which I painted up as a break between batches of pirates.
This is the J Peasmold waste reprocessing ship from Ground Zero Games. As you can see, some convoy traditions still hold in space, even though aromas can't travel through vacuum - the convoy leader, L.A. "Tex" Mallard, has asked "Septic Sam" to back off another 10 AU as the smell was getting intense.
I decided to go with base colours followed by a dirty grey wash for this ship. I think that has given it a nicely grungy look.

Oh well, back to painting pirates....

Eww... You gotta love science fiction. In science fiction you don't have to explain why you'd have a ship transporting crap across the cosmos when you could simply vent the stuff out into it. Then again, perhaps it's legal tender on some planet starved for fertilizer and methane. 

'Sooo, how much does this sh*t go for?"  Literally.

The J Peasmold will give Tamsin 15 malodorous points which will also give her enough points to claim victory in her duel with Ian and Burkhard to see who could get to 1066 points first. Bravo Tamsin!


  1. I am loving these space ships. I have a bunch in the lead pile and i've been fighting the urge to not get distracted by them and these lovely ships you keep posting are not helping. But do keep posting them anyway, because they are wonderful to look at - and in two weeks I can paint anything I want... Huzzah!

  2. Maybe in the tradition of Mad Magazine, this entry should be titled Star Blech! :-)
    Nice one, Tamsin!

  3. Very nice, well done on reaching that race target

  4. Nice one. Like Curt slightly dubious about a waste disposal ship. But it's your universe so why not.

  5. Beautful work Tamsin. The colours are spot on. Standing up like that in the final pic it looks like a Transformer on his way to a watermelon eating contest ;-)

  6. Thanks guys! There might be one or two more spaceships to tickle your fancies before the end of the Challenge.

    Looking at the pics, I might go back over the spheres with some gloss varnish to bring out a "glow" effect.

    @ Tim - go on, you know you want to do it :)

    @ Msr Rosbif - love that title!

    @ Dave - thanks and it was just enough points to stop your Ansars overtaking me. For a day (I know Curt has the rest lined up to post).

    @ Curt and Clint - who knows what the waste being reprocessed is? It could be sewage from an industrial world being treated for fertiliser to use on an agricultural one, or maybe nuclear waste being transported for jettisoning into a star somewhere?

    @ Millsy - thanks. Hmmm, watermelons. Maybe add some yellowish streaks before I do the gloss? I'm guessing Curt included that pic to show the size to you all - I wasn't intending it for the post.

  7. Nice work Tamsin and congrats on the target

  8. I like it.
    Turned out really good.

  9. Great work Tamsin and what a great name as well!

    1. It's the flagship of the Gruntfuttock Interspace Transport Line....

      (just found out where Mr Tuffley took the name from)

  10. Tasmin, the cargo may be noxious to the nose, but the paint job is easy on the eyes. Well done!


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