Friday, January 24, 2014

From KentG: 28mm Napoleonic Russian Artillery, Infantry, Casualties & EIR Roman Slingers (425 points)

Kent smashes through his points target and moves to the lead position with this impressive entry of figures.

From Kent:
Today we a have several entries.
First up are six 28mm Front Rank Russian Napoleonic horse artillery with 4 crew each.
Three are 9pdrs, three are 6pdrs. These are the beginning of a new commission.

We then have one Regiment of 24, 28mm Front Rank Russian Infantry. Sadly no flags were provided by the client.

Next is twelve warlord games casualties, I didn't like these figures they are poorly made - just not nice.

Finally sixteen 28mm warlord games Roman slingers these are very nice figures a joy to paint.

Wonderful work Kent. Again we are treated to a bewildering volume of figures paired with such great quality - amazing.

This selection of figures will give Kent a very impressive 425 points. Great stuff Kent and congratulations on achieving your Challenge target! 

It's just a hunch but I suspect we may have ourselves a very exciting race amongst the point leaders over the next few weeks...


  1. Excellent work Kent :)

    Can Andrew respond to reclaim the top spot?

  2. Yes i think he will and I can't wait to see what his next entry will be

  3. Very nice indeed and quite a big group too! I think the arty are my favourites. Well done mate.

  4. Wow Kent, this is spectacular! And you've pulled ahead of Andrew. He will not sleep until he gets the lead back :)

  5. Great work Kent, The Russian guns are very nice

  6. Oh my that's a stunning entry, bravo sir! Aren't Russian artillery popular recently. ;)

  7. Superb lot Kent.
    The guns look great

  8. Thxs guys its my first attempt at Russians i really enjoyed them

  9. What a great entry and your first Russians? I would have thought you had done them all


  10. agree with the warlord Russians. i bought an army box of the plastics, and while the plastics are passable, the metal command included were so bad as to be unusable. I'll be selling the whole thing.


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