Thursday, December 19, 2013

From SebG: 28mm Medieval Citizens and Monks (20 points)

Seb begins his climb up the points chart with these four medieval civilians.

From Seb:
Here is my first entry: two medieval civilians and two priests, from the Perry brothers. When Lee had his giveaway on his blog, I had been tempted by those. I had entered only once, but managed to win big time! Thanks again Lee, these minis are perfect for the challenge. Indeed, as soon as I received them, I knew I had to keep them in my lead pile for the challenge.

They've been easy to paint, over a brown coat. I wanted to work on fast techniques to paint the browns, and inks are the way to go! It's also a good way to practice my face-painting.

Nice work Seb! I particularly like the skin tone you achieved with the big bruiser sporting the club. 

These four will give Seb 20 points. Welcome back!


  1. I like that skin tone as well Seb and you did a fine job on the faces. 20 points! You're on the board now!

  2. Lovely Seb - I need to get a flesh tutorial from you because (a) mine are pretty average and (b) yours are awesome!

  3. These are nice, the monks win it for me


  4. great stuff real great work on the flesh

  5. magnifiques!
    très beau boulot sur les chairs!
    manque plus que Sean Connery et c'est le nom de la rose;-)


    Gilles W

  6. Very fun civilians. Well done.


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