Monday, December 23, 2013

From IanW: 6mm Napoleonic French Hussars (10 points)

Ian sends in this great stand of Napoleonic French hussars in 6mm for his 2015 Waterloo project.

From Ian:
For the last twelve months or so I have been working mostly on 6mm figures ready for 2015 when a mate and me plan to play out the whole of the Battle of Waterloo via our blogs. Not having much in hand to play the game we have been steadily building up the forces. To add to these regiments I give you the 1st Hussars part of my commitment to the French side. 
These are the new Baccus Hussars and from talking to Peter his favourite newly re-sculptured French to date. After painting some of them I can see why as they are fun to paint and have plenty of detail.
You won't see much more in the way of cavalry in the Challenge as I have most of the French finished. Just a bunch more Landwehr cavalry but infantry, well that's a different matter.

After the disaster that was the Russian Campaign the Hussars were very badly mauled and as such little is seen of the Hussars at Waterloo so I have made sure I have painted up the few that were involved in the campaign.

I really like Adler Cavalry but these boys will take a lot more handling so more suited to the rough and tumble of the gaming table and Baccus have the lion's share in my French army though by far it's the older castings .

I always really enjoy your 6mm work Ian. There is no doubt that your figures are excellent but I think it's your groundwork which puts these over the top. I believe the groundwork in this scale is crucial as it can make or break the whole look of a unit. Less it more in this case. Wonderful stuff.

These Hussars of the 1st will give Ian 10 points in total. Well done and I look forward to seeing your upcoming Landwehr and infantry.


  1. Lovely little fellows Ian, but your lead over me will be short lived! :)

    1. I think it began 9 months ago :-)

      Your right Tamsin, no painting done again yesterday :-(


  2. They look amazing 6mm to paint all that detail on such small figures great job

  3. A real 6 mil Thrill. I love small scale figures and these are splendid.

  4. Amazing level of detail for 6mm figures. You must have eyes like a hawk!

  5. I'm definitely not sold on 6mm as a scale but your Hussars definitely look the part.

  6. Wow - those are 6mm" I can't even imagine trying to paint that level of detail - really very well done!

  7. Nice looking little guys and the basing is great!


  8. Nice work Ian. I have come around to Baccus as well - I find Adler has superior sculpts, but the nature of the Baccus castings allows for a faster build up of painted troops.

  9. Thanks everyone for the nice comments.

    @ Greg, I still like Adler but Baccus campaign better, I still have a lot of both on hand to paint though


  10. Nice work, I've never painted anything smaller than 1/72nd so your work is all the more impressive.


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