Friday, December 20, 2013

From BenG:1:72 Napoleonic Bavarian Cavalry (56 points)

Ben sends in his first entry from sweltering Australia, a wonderful regiment of of Bavarian Chevau-Leger cavalry from the Napoleonic Wars.

From Ben:
These are Bavarian cavalry for Eugene's IV Corps command using 1/72nd figures by HaT. We're fighting the battle of Borodino in early Jan, so I'm speedily finishing the last few units, hence the quality of this unit. I've just made them wargames ready without putting a lot of the detail l usually add on these chaps.

The fellow with the guidon (blowing in a very stiff breeze by the look of it!) originally had a little peg sticking out of the pole to hold which looked very odd, so I trimmed the peg and twisted the arm so that he held it at an anatomically correct position.
I toyed with the idea of putting a Bavarian blue diamond pattern down the white stripe of the guidon, but my skill level wasn't up to it. If I had more time, maybe I would have persisted, but I settled for a white diagonal stripe instead.

Ah, it's great to see our first Napoleonic entry - thanks for this Ben. While you say these are a rush job  I think they are very fine. I hope they do Eugene proud when they meet the Russians at The Moskova.

This regiment of cavalry will give Ben 56 points. Great job and welcome back to the Challenge Ben!


  1. For just wargame ready, they look grand!

  2. Good looking first entry, hope you have a great game with them


  3. Ayah, some Napoleonics , about time. Good start

  4. no problem with quality from where I sit greta looking unit
    Peace James

  5. Wargaming ready? they look as for display!

  6. Nice work - another good argument for 1/72nd Napoleonics


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