Saturday, December 21, 2013

From BenG: 1:72 Napoleonic French Regimental Gun and Artillerist (12 points)

Ben sends us a Napoleonic regimental gun, a 3lb 'door knocker', for his 1812 French collection. 

From BenG: 
Here's a bite sized entry to whet your appetite while I concentrate on larger units: A regimental artillery piece! 
The gunner is another 1/72nd HaT figure with a head conversion, replacing the original bicorne with a shako wearing head from another HaT figure. The gun is a  metal 15mm 6-pounder from AB/Eureka masquerading as a captured Austrian 3-pounder pressed into French service.
For our Borodino game, the French get a 2-gun section per regiment. They'll be lucky to cause any damage, but add a little colour to the game! I really should have made a little red flag to stick out of the barrel with the word BANG! written on it!

There'll be more of these as I have 5 more to do before I finish IV Corps.
Great stuff Ben! I really like the idea of using 15mm guns to stand in for lower caliber 1:72 artillery - brilliant.

This artillery piece with its attendant gunner will give Ben 12 points. Well done!


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