Thursday, March 7, 2013

From Tamsin: 15mm Renaissance Swiss Artillery (48 points)

From Tamsin:
Just to keep Ray rattled, here is another entry from me - some artillery for my Swiss. I knocked these out over the weekend while I was waiting for the gesso to cure on the 256 Swiss pikemen I'm about to start work on.
In FoG:AM, the Swiss are only able to field 2 bases of light artillery but you will notice that I have done up 4. I've done this so that I can mix and match as I see fit.
There are two bases with cannon and two with ribaudiquin (organ guns). AS always, I've tried as far as possible to represent the colours of all the cantons, but with only 12 figures some of them are representing more than one canton or aren't present.

Great work Tamsin, these look fabulous! What are the make of the figures BTW? They look like very nice castings.

These four artillery pieces, along with their various bits & bobs, will give Tamsin 48 points to add to her tally. Nice job!


  1. Curt - they're from Donnington, a mix of the Late Medieval and WotR artillery figures. Glad you like them! :)

  2. These are rather lovely indeed. The basing is especially good. Nice work Tamsin.

  3. great work each base is its own little Diorama.
    Peace James

  4. Well done Tamsin - both the painting and on keeping ahead of Ray.

  5. Damn nice Tamsin, he's rattled, I think he may start cheating again!

  6. These look great, your army will be very colourful for sure


  7. These look sweeeeeeet.
    Well done Tamsin.

  8. Very nice, Tamsin; they are really colourful!!!

  9. Really fine work Tamsin. I like the shine and shading on the cannon balls. As if Swiss pikemen weren't frightening enough, without all those cannon.


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