Wednesday, March 20, 2013

From KevinH: 28mm Viking Berserkers & Ronin #22 (42 points)

From Kevin:
My last couple of entries:
First, a 'three-view' pic of my Samurai/Ronin figure, by Steel Fist Miniatures. (See above)
This was a pretty interesting figure.  There's a Samurai Armour page on Facebook called "Samurai Store" and I found this pic:

...and since it had a similar "hood ornament" to the figure Curt had expressed an interest in, I thought I'd use it as a 'jumping off point' for painting my figure.
I only wish there had been a bit more of the "trousers/pantaloons" showing - I managed to get a good colour and pattern on the pants, and would like to have had it more visible!
Lastly, the four Foundry "Wolf-skin Berserkers" for my slowly growing Viking force for SAGA.

These guys were pretty straight-forward.  Although, being of part-Czech extraction, I decided to do one of the shields in the colours of the Czech armour 'roundels' from WWII!  Still need to add flock to these guys, but as it's just after Midnight here, it's time for my to make my final submission!
Thanks for inviting me to participate in the Challenge again this year, Curt. I hope you enjoy your Samurai!

Fabulous work Kevin! I love Ronin # 22. He looks like a '57 Buick with a sword and a bad attitude - that is a whole lot of awesome! Your Viking berserkers look suitably nasty, but in a good way and I like the Czech shield motif btw.

These bad lads will give Kevin 42 points. Great job and Thank You!


  1. Kev - that's fabulous work on the Samurai. The patterns on the borders of the armour is amazing.

    ps - the berserkers look darned good too!

  2. Thanks folks - it was a 'hoot' and I managed to get a bit more done than I thought I might! Everyone did a LOT of great work this time around - in both QUANTITY and QUALITY! Cheers!

  3. Nice work Kevin, Love the Samurai!

  4. Your samurai is brilliant Kevin. The brushwork is top-drawer. I love his horns, but like a man driving a jacked-up F350, he just be compensating for a small... katana.

  5. Very nice, I like the shiny look on the Samurai.



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