Monday, March 4, 2013

From KevH: 28mm Wars of the Roses & 54mm Medieval Infantry (275 points)

From Kev:
First up some 28mm Perry's. Richard Duke of Gloucester's Billmen. 
 Usual White Boar Livery, 12 figures including command.
Followed by William Lord Hastings Billmen.
Bulls head Livery with Blue and Murrey back. All flags are my own design. 
I decided against the livery decals as they are so fine and a real pig to fit. So painting them it is.
Followed up by some pretty basic 54mm Medievals. A unit of 6 foot Knights and 8 Men at Arms. 
 These are for my "Siege" game. Figures are from "Accurate".

My Mrs is now finished painting some of the missile troops. They are on her blog, (follow the link on mine). She would really love and comments and advice. She not made a bad job of her first figures and she really enjoys painting. That's it, got her hooked, lol.
28mm Empress ECW lobsters on my table and some more 54mm meds. We getting near the end now. Hitting my new target will be close but if I can get all the 54mm stuff done, I may just manage it.
Very lovely work as usual Kev. I particularly admire your job on the livery and banners - well done!

I'm quite looking forward to seeing your Empress ECW cavalry as I'm thinking on picking some up myself.

This submission will give Kev 275 points.


  1. Very nice and crisp, I hope you make your target and looking forward to seeing the ECW


  2. good work Kev you will hit that new target we have faith in you, just make sure its a few less points that me :)
    Peace James

  3. Very nice Kev, love the banners too!

  4. Great stuff Kevin, very inspiring. The work on the flags and livery is incredible.

  5. Very nice, Kevin. The painting of the armour is fantastic.

  6. Those banners are quite nice and the 54mm figures are growing on me. Still can't find KevH's blog, can anyone help me out?

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone.
    I will be struggling for the new target I recon.
    I'll try and paint 70 knights next week, argh!.
    My blog is Kevs Wargame Cabin, Sean.


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