Thursday, March 14, 2013

From KevH: 28mm English Civil War Cavalry, AWI Infantry & 54mm Knights (342 points)

From Kev: 
Well, here I have a mixed bag for you. First up are the 28mm Empress ECW Heavy cavalry (12 mounted figures). Mmmmmm, what can I say about these. I'll start at the beginning. Beautiful  exquisite, finely crafted miniatures. Very realistic, accurately proportioned, they look fantastic,
Assembly is a git, although these were part assembled when I recieved them. They fell apart during painting on a number of occasions. The swords are very thin, although this is accurate, they break really easy, really easy.
The horses are ok but if you remove the run throughs on the hoofs, the entire horse bends with the weight of the rider, I left some on after removing some and having this problem. Much of the detail is so fine, be careful not to obliterate if when priming.
The figures are very unforgiving when painting. Some areas are hard to reach when assembled, yet you must assemble to paint. All in all, I did not like painting these, they took twice the time and effort to paint. Overall, I think they turned out ok, I just hope my customer likes them.
I fancied painting something different for a change so I decided to do some more work on my Muskets and Tomahawks stuff. AWI and FiW came out again. First up are 14 x 28mm Foundry American Infantry with command.
I did these with green facings so I could tell them apart from my regulars, they will act as light infantry for the moment.
Followed by 10 x 28mm custom Militia/Civilians for M&T games. These are converted from various manufacturers, but are mostly Foundry & Front Rank.

Closely followed by 3 x 28mm Brits. The light infantry is a conversion from a bugler into an NCO. He was started before the challenge, so dont include him please Curt. These Two 28mm Brits bring my British infantry up to full strength. (24 figs, 2 x 12)
And Finally. 2 x 6 figure units of 54mm Knights. Once again these are Accurate Miniatures plastics. Basic paint job as before. I am about a quarter way through my Siege game troops. Charlie is slowly progressing with the missile units. 

Gorgeous stuff Kev. Even though you describe the ECW cavalry as particularly troublesome I think you've done a beautiful job on them. The horses are splendid and I really like how you've done their buff coats. I think your client will be very pleased indeed. 

This fine assortment of figures will give Kev a very respectable 342 points, allowing him to close-in ever closer to his Challenge target...


  1. What a cracking entry Kev. Those horses may have been a b***er to paint, but the finished product looks excellent. :)

  2. The ECW do steal the show, possibly because they are so difficult? Your client should be happy, if not then I think they are unreasonable


  3. Thankyou all.
    I forgot to mention the damn face guards, Empress had a great idea to make them seperate so you can paint the face and add the guard after. Whilst a great idea, in practicality its a damn nightmare. The face guards are so fine.
    I destroyed one while trying to get it to straighten.
    They fix under the visor and need to be bent or they stick out of each side.
    Getting them to stick with tweezers holding them while not screwing up the paintjob on the face is very difficult.
    They do look good when finished, but it did make me wonder if it was worth the effort on a 28mm figure. Larger scales maybe.

  4. great entry, I will steer away from the Empress cav as I hate too much prep I get board with too much flash


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