Friday, March 15, 2013

From IanW: 6mm Napoleonic Prussians (176 points)

From Ian:
Well another 6mm submission and I have to admit that life has not allowed me the time at the desk I had hoped for but all reasons have been for the good so won't grumble.
The Start of the Prussians for the Waterloo Project so a breaking ground moment. All figures are Baccus and Baccus flags. I will be using my new basing technique for the Prussians, the French will continue the old style.
So we have the 2nd Regiment 1st Polmeria all three Battalions and after some careful thought I have the 3rd Battalion Fusiliers without flags which is historically accurate but seen as not looking as good. I have chopped short the flag staff turning it into a polearm but was unable to take out the drum and replace by a horn. I've done this through all four Regiments.
8th Regiment Leib, all the line infantry regiments have the correct flags, the 1st and second battalion flags reverse the colour of the crosses between black and white which look good. I am looking forward to flagging up the more colourful ones when I get round to them.
9th Regiment Colberg have a nice German Orange centre circle but that's as colourful as these Line Regiments go.
12th Reserve Regiment 2nd, Brandenburg do not have an official flag but most of the Reserve and Landwehr Battalions carried unofficial flags so I have used some of these for this regiment.
I had fun with the drummers, whilst they were the standard colour uniform they have the regimental facings and white stripped shoulder pads (for want of the correct term). I also painted up these with standard skirmishers though some probably had Jagers attached. The vast majority of the rest of my infantry will get Jagers so I thought I would do these in simple Prussian Blue.

Wow, beautiful work Ian! Good groundwork plays such a huge role in this scale and I think you've really nailed the groundwork with your 6mm stuff.  I also know how fiddly the flags can be but, again, you've done a superb job in using them to help make the units pop and be noticed. 

This impressive force of Prussians will give Ian 176 points. Great work!


Thanks for your comment! As long as you're not a spam droid I'll have it up on the blog soon. :)