Sunday, March 17, 2013

From Curt: 28mm Spanish Civil War Reinforcements - Republican Militia & Guardia Civiles (35 points)

Back to a bit of colour for me and a return to the Spanish Civil War.  Here are a few new recruits for my existing units of Republican Militia and Guardia Civiles.

These are 28mm Empress Miniatures castings.

The three city militiamen below are in the distinctive blue workers' overalls, or 'monos', that were commonly worn by trade unionist milita and city workers in cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

The four Guardia infantrymen are wearing their iconic tricornios and bright green uniforms. 

And a couple shots of the new lads integrated with their respective squads.

These seven figures will give me 35 points.


  1. Silly hats, lovely sculpts, vibrant colours, great painting and basing plus a sweet little MG vignette. What's not to like? Nice one!

  2. These really pop, good to see some more of your SCW as they continue to impress


  3. Thanks very much for your comments everyone!

  4. Stunning! The choice of colours is just amazing.

    1. Thanks very much Moiterei! I find these are a nice (and refreshing) contrast to my greyscale project.


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