Monday, March 11, 2013

From ChrisP: 28mm North Vietnamese Army & US Pilot (55 points)

From Chris:
So, back to Nam.
First up is another squad of NVA troops, again from Eureka Miniatures. These represent the NVA rather than my other unit which was far more like the Viet Cong or Local Force troops. Eureka have done a good job on these, they are typical of them very well cast, have some animated poses and a cool variety of weapons (SKS Carbines, AKs, an Enfield). The RPG is slightly anemic, but I guess that would be an excuse for it being bad in game terms?
I do like the Eureka Vietnam range, but it really is 25mm more than 28mm, so I am likely to get grumpy about it when I try to mix other ranges with them. Although, I do now have 21 North Vietnamese- so how many do I really need?
I am going to game with them using a modified version of Skirmish Sangin, which I am currently writing. 
I saw this pilot figure from Airwaves for sale on a local trading website, and thought, 1/48 Pilot? Heck yea! What a cool objective marker! But when he arrived, I quickly realised that he was GIANT! He positively towers over the poor NVA next to him! So, I simply painted him up and put him on an airstrip-style base, where he can just stand looking pretty cool. Not a bad figure, shame he is so ginormous.

Anyway, just the 11 28mm (ish) models, I will have a big update next....

Great work Chris. With his kepi-style hat the pilot looks more French Foreign Legion than American, then again that would still work for Vietnam (or more accurately, Indochine).

These eleven figures will give Chris 55 points to widen his lead at the front of the pack.


  1. Very nice figures those from Eureka. A great group!

  2. They look very good. I'm glad I gave this post a second read through because I was wondering about the child officer for the NVA.

  3. Very well painted and those North Vet's poses are really nice, no wonder you like them



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