Tuesday, February 12, 2013

From RossM: 15mm WWII German Assault Guns, Infatntry Gun & 28mm Vikings (46 points)

From Ross:
These entries cover a range of scales and two very different periods. The first pictures are of a pair of Sturmtigers in 15mm from Battlefront Miniatures Great miniatures that paint up well and really catch the inherent power of these tanks. There are no decals on these as they have been misplaced at present.

The next set of pictures are of a 150mm IG from Skytrex and crew from SHQ. Only the crew are included as a part of this entry as the gun has been on the painting table for ages. All of these figures are in 20mm and this would be my scale of choice for WW2.

Lastly, there are a pair of 28mm Vikings from Gripping Beast's earlier range of Vikings. These have been based as skirmishers for Impetus. Excellent figures that capture the period well and are remarkably easy to paint. The choice of colour on the bottom of the buckler may well change

Great stuff Ross. I like how smooth and clean your paint style is - that infantry gun with its crew is particularly fine. I agree with you in that the 20mm scale seems to hit a sweet spot for WWII gaming, especially if you want to have a bit of kit on the table.

This assortment figures and models will give Ross 46 points. Well done!


  1. Very cool assault guns and figures. Love the camo work. Dean

  2. great work on all but the camo on the tanks is top draw

  3. These are great, that 150 will pop a punch, as well as the AFV's of course.

    Started with 20mm WWII way back, sold it all though :-(


  4. Thanks for the compliments,



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