Tuesday, February 5, 2013

From PhilH: 28mm Colonials & Pulp Adventure (40 points)

From Phil:
Entry number...five? This is a much-delayed and small entry, a result of finally getting around to watching Danish jumper-drama 'The Killing'. Although quite excellent, it eats into my painting time as it is subtitled, so requires my full attention. There are twenty episodes in the first season, so this will continue for some weeks! This last week I also spent making up some terrain, woods and rough ground. I used 4Ground's laser cut tree bases and while quite small, they are really quite nifty.
Anyway, onto the entry. Here's a firing line of King's Royal Rifle Corps for my dalliance with Colonial Sudan. I think I'm in a 'grey phase' at the moment, it certainly seems to be a feature of most of my entries at the moment. Had issues with these, I ended up re-doing the grey as it didn't match my first batch. It still isn't right but is closer, the chap on. The left of the second photo was part of batch one. Perry sculpts - what else?

Next up, the first of the Blackwater Gulch characters, this one 'The Norwegian', apparently. Heaven knows what use I'll find for him other than BWG, perhaps a slightly unbalanced hitman with a penchant for antique firearms and bullwhips in a Pulp game? The flash of white amoung very black hair is inspired by a chap I know.
And finally a daring female adventurer for Pulp, ready to take on the world. A cracking Artizan sculpt. The blue comes out very pale in the photos, the last image is closest the the actual colour, I dropped the blinds to take that one. 

I recently enjoyed a game of Operation Squad, so expect more WWII soon! I'm even eyeing up some light vehicles...

Awesome work Phil! The lass is particularly fine (great colours) but the pistolier has that unhinged je ne sais quoi. He distinctly reminds me of the 'The Swede' in the series 'Hell on Wheels' (excellent TV btw).

These nine figures will give Phil 40 points. Well done.


  1. I really like the blue blouse, all the figures to your usual high standard


  2. Ahem - that should be eight miniatures - one of the Colonials was Pre-challenge. Apologies if I didn't make that clear!

    Can't believe I said that - I need the points!

    1. Noted and changed. Thanks for the correction. I'm sure the good karma will pay off.

    2. And thanks for the 'The Swede' reference. I wondered if it was a pop culture reference, but haven't seen that show myself.

  3. The Swede was from Norway right? Nice model from a cool series. Anyway Great paitinng again Phil..Just started watching The Killing as well this week :-)

  4. Stunning work Phil!
    Particularly love the KRRC - lovely stuff all around though.

  5. great stuff all look great but would have to put the Sudan stuff as my fav

  6. Nice figures! Love the blue on the ladies shirt!

  7. Thanks for the kind comments all.


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