Thursday, February 14, 2013

From Millsy: 28mm Arab Tribesmen (200 points)

From Millsy:
This time I’m submitting 40 x 28mm Perry Plastic Mahdists for a change of pace from complicated uniforms and basing.
I really must thank Curt for getting me motivated with the challenge! These guys have been sitting assembled and undercoated for the best part of 12 months I think. In our group we like to think of this as “letting the undercoat cure properly”. ;-)
I’ve painted them up as early period Nile Arabs and/or Khordofan rebels. I’ve been deliberately very generic with the clothing so I can mix and match them and not have them obviously out of place. Like Mr Awdry I couldn’t resist letting a couple of red fez type hats into play.
In total this gives me 120 (3 boxes full) of these guys painted up now. A decent sized force for TSATF so it’s obviously time to get back to some gaming in the Sudan now I can do something quite large.
If, as you say, languishing figures are termed as 'curing' then I have a veritable smokehouse of miniatures awaiting attention in my hobbyroom.

You've done a cracking job on these Millsy. I quite like the splashes of colour with their clothing - very dynamic.

This horde of tribesmen will give Millsy a very tidy 200 points to add to his tally. Well done!


  1. great entry what a sight the full 40 look.
    Peace James

  2. Great stuff - should assemble my other half-box which hasn't even made it to the curing stage...

  3. These look really nice, what a sight all 120 must look. Would hate to be facing them all at once


  4. Great painting Millsy - that's a fierce looking bunch or tribesmen :)

  5. My goodness that is a wonderfully impressive sight!


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