Saturday, February 2, 2013

From JohnM: 28mm Napoleonic Anhalt-Dessau Infantry (60 points)

From John:
Had a bit of a delay there, my camera broke so I had to get a new one. I also bought a light tent ($42, what was there to lose), not too bad, I need a blacker back drop, I suppose I could edit the photos in software but just too much work. Taking photos is the most boring part of the job I find.
I had a set of figures lying around were 12 Perry French plastics painted as a battalion of infantry from Anhalt-Dessau. These will join my Confederation of the Rhine OB. When I first started to paint Napoleonics, I had 12 figure battalions and this battalion was the last unit left over in the transition to 24 figure units. 
So here we have also 12 figures newly painted to bring the Anhalt-Dessau up to scratch. The new bases are the ones on each end and the pink used was the infamous GW Tentacle Pink long ago obtained from Curt. None matches it. The bases and the facing were all re-done on the old figures.
Next up will be some prizes and the price of admission!

Excellent stuff John. I think this unit looks much better beefed-up to 24 figures from its original 12. I'm still looking for another pot of that GW 'Tentacle Pink' as mine is done in. It's such a great shade for Napoleonics.

These new recruits from Anhalt-Dessau will give John 60 points.


  1. These look really nice. I was thinking you matched up the basing excellently, then read a little further LOL


  2. Tentacle pink! Who'd-a thought it? Te Gharak has a pot or two - his box of ancient GW paints is massive.

  3. Excellent! Love a soldier in pink!

  4. Wel done and a greath idea for conf of the rhine.

    Greatings from Flanders



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