Sunday, February 17, 2013

From IanW: 6mm War of the Spanish Succession & Napoleonic Mounted Command (55 points)

From Ian:
Here we have unbased 96 infantry, 4 guns with four crew each and 3 mounted figures based. Anyway below for public consumption.
I bought these 6mm Adler Command at Derby last year, with another 21! I am painting one per day till I have them all done, they are being based three to a base at the moment. These are part of the command for my French Napoleonic army, I already have some Baccus but the lack of poses and three or four Napoleon's meant I wanted to mix it up and the quality of castings really helped in the painting. It was lots of fun bringing these together. 

Next up is the last two 6mm regiments for Matt's WSS, here we have Regt Hessy and Regt Zurlander, both of these are far more colourful than most of the others I did so a bit more interesting to paint. 

To go with these I also painted up the four guns and crews to support them. Now I have the cavalry and command to finish then that's a whole Baccus army pack painted in well within a month if I get my skates on.

Lovely work Ian. While I certainly like Baccus' offerings I have to say that Adler really comes through with the detail at this scale - that beautiful command stand is a perfect example. 

This fine collection of figues will give Ian 55 points.


  1. Love the command stand, very nice indeed!

  2. That's an insane amount of detail on the command figures Ian! Well done - now, go and rest your eyes!

  3. @ Curt, yes Adler are the best for detail, the only issue is that you do want to paint it all!! I like Baccus for speed, Adler for a bit of class. I will be ordering quite a bit from Adler in the next few weeks as birthday presents.

    @ Ray and Fran, cheers, II have almost got a second base done, only six more LOL

    @ Tamsin, actually painting the command is easier than painting the black primed Baccus, I have been battling 8 12 fig cav regiments and am thankful they are nearly done



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