Thursday, January 24, 2013

From RayR: Four Versions of Ronin #34 (35 points)

From Ray:

My 7th entry are 4 Wargames Foundry Ronin/Samurai figures, I bought these on Ebay a couple of weeks ago, there was another figure, but Fran pinched it for his entry into the Challenge!!!
I originally just painted up just one of the figures for the Challenge (the second figure in the group), he is supposed to represent Miyamoto Musashi 1584-1645 I chose this figure because he was unarmored and I also chose dull whites and browns from a picture of him I found online.
But as I enjoyed painting the figure, which was my first ever Samurai figure. I painted up the rest, then I thought it would be a little different if you now chose which figure you want for the Challenge. The rest I'll be selling on ebay.

So Curt, which one do you want???
Very, very nice Ray. Though I quite like your Musashi and the lad with the pale magenta kimono, I think I have to go with the fellow who's sporting a chap's head as a fashion accessory ('It's all the rage in Osaka, you know...'). 

Ronin #34 and his three alter egos will give Ray 35 points. Thank you very much Mr. Rousell!


  1. good stuff Ray nice to see you doing 28mm you paint them well my son :)

  2. Nice Ray, will you be sticking with 28mm or will you slide on back to your small stuff ;-)


  3. Nice stuff Ray!

    btw, figure on the left of the pic is a 1980s Citadel, not Foundry, figure - I've got the exact same figure (minus sword which broke) in my lead pile.

    1. I guess that makes him the brother of my Ronin?


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