Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From KevH: 54mm English Civli War Pike Block & Artillery (340 points)

From Kev:
First up is a 54mm ECW pike block. The figures are "A call to arms" plastics with a few minor conversions and re-posing. This will be my Green Battalia to add to my Blue and Red so far. Musketeers to follow.

They are based for Englands Fury, (F&F ecw variant). There are 24 figures in total, 8 bases of 3 figures.
Followed by a 54mm ECW cannon with four crew. Once again by "A call to arms" with some minor head swaps, this puts my total at three guns now with 3 more to follow.

The third is a 54mm ECW mounted officer. Once again a modified Call to arms plastic figure.

This is awesome! I love this 54mm stuff and must, MUST get some!  (I think it would be brilliant for garden wargaming...)

This group will give Kev an impressive base of 320 points and I'll add 20 more for the banner and conversion work. Bravo!


  1. great stuff I have a few box's of these I may just be inspired enough to break them out.
    Peace James

  2. 54mm? Wow!
    Just when I was day dreaming about catching up...

  3. Wow, God IS on the side of the big battalions! Very impressive. I agree, I would love to see these I garden gaming.
    Cheers, Mike

  4. Nice, the big question though are these the good guys or Parliament? ;-)


  5. Sorry Ian, They are Parliament.
    Thanks for the comments, although it's never really warm enough here in the uk for Garden gaming. It also rains a lot :/

  6. I usually am not impressed by 54 mm, these are terrific.


  7. I have some of the later era ACTA figures - they are possibly the nicest 54mm plastics around. These chaps will look great en mass.


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