Monday, January 21, 2013

From KevH: 28mm Wars of the Roses (120 points)

From Kev:
More of Oxfords Retinue for the WotR. 20 x 28mm Perry's. The Earl of Oxfords Retinue Bowmen with command.
This time I did a mix of the Blue Star & Blue Boar livery.
All the bows are strung. I used polyester cotton for the bows at it is I think it looks better. Its a bit more fiddley than wire but you dont need to paint it after, lol.
I am currently working on some more 54mm ECW, (Green Shotte) to to with my new pike. Also nearly completed a couple of WotR foot commanders.

Nice! I really like the poly thread for the bowstrings as it gives a great touch. I remember being so chuffed when I first saw that the Perry's included sheaves of grounded arrows as part of their boxed set - its so evocative of the period.

These archers will give Kev 100 points as a base and I'm adding another 20 for the extra  work on the bows and the banner. Congratulations on being the third Challenger to break the 1K mark!


  1. good stuff Kev, you must have some patience to string all those bow's hats off to you

  2. Bowstrings??? That is mental. Very, very well done. It looks great.

  3. Nice work Kev, they look very cool! Not sure I'd have had the patience to add the bow strings!

  4. These look so good, the extra work on the strings just finishes a good job



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