Friday, January 4, 2013

From KevH: 15mm WWII Afrika Korps Armour & 28mm ECW (114 points)

Kev debuts with this very nice collection composing of 28mm ECW musketeers and a 15mm DAK force.

From Kev:
Here are my first entries into the challenge. Now I have finally got going after the Christmas break.
The first are 6 x 28mm ECW musketeers. Redoubt bodies I think  with Bicorne heads. These are unbased as they are a commission to be based by the owner.

The rest are my Christmas present from my lovely Charlie. These are 15mm FoW. 12 x Tanks and 2 x Aircraft The Tanks are all Plastic Soldier Co.
The Aircraft are Zvezda. I have a very large 20mm WW2 collection for Rapid Fire that I play at home in my games room, but we play FoW at my local club.
I decided to do a small panzer force to allow me to play at the club without always having to borrow miniatures. Hence a Chrissy pressy from my Mrs and now all done and ready to go.

Two evenings of painting, the quickest paint job ever, haha. But they look ok, I just need to learn the rules now.

Great work Kev. Those Zvezda aircraft look excellent and I love those old Redoubt ECW sculpts. 

This collection of figures will give Kev a very tidy 114 points for his start up the Challenge roster. Welcome aboard Kev!


  1. great start those tanks look ace, the ECW give me shivers as my first real commission was for 100's of those and I hated the casts so was a real challenge.
    Peace James

  2. More ECW yummy, though the best for me is the aircraft, helped by my love of the Stuka



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