Thursday, January 31, 2013

From JamesB: 15mm WWII British Paratroopers (53 points)

James breaks ranks from his usual 28mm painting to show us this collection of 15mm British Paras. 

From James:
Just a quick entry, not good pictures, but 37 15mm WW2 Paratroops. These are a commission and the customer is basing them himself.

James, what you lack in loquaciousness you make up with your skill in painting. ;) These are excellent and I particularly admire the tonal shading you've achieved on their uniforms. Well done. Question: Are these Battlefront castings?

This group of paras will give James 53 points. 


  1. Graet work James, nice to see you painting in the one true scale.

  2. not sure were they are from, painted enough Battlefront to said def not from them seem more 18mm than 15mm so maybe bluemoon. Will ask customer when he sends the next lot
    Peace James
    BTW plenty more of the one true scale to come....28mm

  3. Lovely. Right shade of red/maroon for the berets.

  4. Nice work James! It might just be the lighting in the pics, but the berets seem a touch too red to my eyes.

  5. These look very nice, love the berets badges!!



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