Tuesday, January 1, 2013

From DaveR: 15mm American Civil War Federal Infantry

Woah. DaveR (not to be confused with DaveD) debuts with this impressive entry of 15mm Yanks. A hundred and fourteen of the blighters, no less.

From Dave:
Here are some 15mm ACW I was working on. There are a total of 114 figures. I have no idea where the figures are from.

They were painted with a variety of blues in order to simulate wear and tear. As Murphy's Law states: "No inspection ready unit will pass combat, and no combat ready unit will pass inspection."
Most of the figures were painted with 2-3 layers, especially on visible areas, such as the hat.

Great work Dave! I like how they have uniformity but yet are varied in their appearance (if that makes any sense at all...). 

This veritable attack column of Blue Bellies will give Dave a substantial 228 points to mark his entrance on the roster. Most impressive...


  1. very impressive unit and start to your challenge. I too am impressed by the way you created a uniformed feel to them while using the slight difference in tone to give the lived in look. I will look forward to more from you
    Peace James

  2. Whoah! That's called a stylish entry!

    Well done!

  3. Nice - a proper number of toys!!

  4. That is a statement of intent. These look great and the work done to make them look individual works without losing the mass effect


  5. Holy sh1t! Thats a lot of figs to paint in one go!

  6. Wow.....what a first entry! They look very, very impressive in just a handful of days! Well done, Dave!

  7. Very very nice Dave, I love the slightly different blues used, makes them really stand out! Keep up the great work!! But slower please!


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