Thursday, January 10, 2013

From Curt: 28mm Spanish Civil War Republican Officer, NCO and Militia (30 points)

Here is another small group of SCW figures to nudge me along in the Challenge. This batch consists of a Republican officer, an NCO and few militia.

I quite like the fervent pose of this infantry captain. He has that, 'Comrades, man the barricades!' look about him.

I decided to paint him in a russet brown/khaki uniform similar to one that I saw in an old Osprey. I would think he could also serve as a Soviet advisor or Political Commissar.

Here's an NCO from an International Brigade unit. He's dressed mostly in civilian clothing with only his beret insignia, cartridge belt and rifle marking him as a combatant. Hmm, speaking of which I realize now that I still need to add hash marks on his red beret flash to denote his rank.

The figure below is one of my favourite from the range so far. This old fellow, with his shoulders hunched and advancing with short steps, has an air of resigned determination about him. When I first saw him I immediately pictured him as a recent widower, perhaps having lost his wife to an air raid and so was throwing in his lot with the city militia. With this image in mind I applied some liquid Green Stuff around his left arm to give him a mourning armband which would be typical of the times. I like his white collared shirt, black tie and beret (securely pulled down around his ears). He seems ready to do his bit and perhaps even the scales.

A dashing anarchist (literally) wearing on of their signature red and black side caps (or gorrillo). I've painted the most of the militia in fairly muted earth tones to help reinforce their civilian origins.

Funny, this guy has a nose like Richard Nixon...

And finally, someone who's wearing a sensible hat for the Spanish climate...

These six will give me 30 points.


  1. These are very smart, loving the SCW theme


  2. Curt, these look really good! I love the "Spanish" feel of where you're going with the figures - you've got the tones of the earth and the groundwork just right, and the clothing just seeps out of the Ospreys and colour photos. I really liked the mourning arm-band - very evocative of a terrible war. Really terrific!

  3. Very nice, and I see Sidney Roundwood's hex-bases-for-leaders habit has another convert!

    1. Absolutely! The simple ideas are often the best.

  4. Great stuff Curt, full of character

  5. Fantastic figures again Curt, this is really a great project. I especially like the fellow in the red hat.


  6. Amazing as always dude. These are beauties.

  7. Your SCW series continues to delight me. There's something evocative about each of these figures, starting with the groundwork and working up. The officer is very dynamic and I really love the old gentleman, who is very poignant. I can imagine him on the barricades, keeping the young men steady.
    Brilliant stuff, mate.

  8. Fantastic group of models, Curt; very typical of our SCW!!!

  9. Hey everyone, thanks so much for your comments - they are very much appreciated. This project started for me as small diversion but has grown to become a major project in its own right. The history is just so evocative, full of character and pathos - it's quite infectious.

  10. Excellent painting Curt, love the commander pose.

  11. They look excellent Curt! I'm really enjoying your SCW project!



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