Sunday, January 6, 2013

From ChrisP: 28mm and 15mm Vietnam - Tunnel Rat, VC and Hueys (22 points)

From Chris:
Back to Vietnam for my next update. First off, we have 2 more miniatures from the Eureka range of 28mm, the first is an ANZAC Tunnel Rat, equipped with a flashlight, a pistol and a mean look!
Tunnels and bunkers were a real issue for the free forces in Vietnam, requiring to be checked out. Frequently booby trapped, seldom occupied but nevertheless a terribly dangerous mission. 
The other Eureka model is a sodier holding a PPSh sub machinegun. Not sure how he fits in to anything, it was a freebie that they threw in with my order. I like it when miniatures companies do that! Strangest thing about him is that he is really tall...

Then we are off to 15mm from Battlefront again. First off is a UH-1 Heavy Hog, equipped with a 40mm grenade launcher in the nose and a very large amount of rocket tubes! 
The Shark mouth on the grenade launcher design I found on the internet, and thought it looked cool, so I had a go at painting it! I had some other nose art painted, but it didn't work as well. So I left it with the Playboy bunny and snoopy decals from BF.
The other Helicopter has had a wee accident. Helicopters don't like it when you crash them, and the UH-1 is no exception. This CASEVAC bird has seen much better days, and will serve as an objective for my 15mm 101st Airborne to defend. 
The red crosses and the stylised 101st patches were painted by me. Happy with the crosses, less so with the eagles. 

Next? More 6mm...

Very nice Chris. That Battlefront crashed Huey is such a great little model. Speaking of which, have you finished that 28mm 'Slick' yet that you had partially built on your blog? I'd be interested to see how that turned out.

These will give Chris 22 points.


  1. The 28mm Huey is not done yet, working on it! It takes a wee bit longer to do it, it is massive compared to the weenie 15mm versions!

  2. Very cool figures and the choppers are especially nice. Best, Dean

  3. Why is the wreck my favorite?

    Nice models and figures.



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