Monday, January 14, 2013

From ChrisP: 15mm WWII American AT and HMGs (132 points)

From Chris:
So more US in 15mm finished! It has turned out that they are pretty good to paint in between doing other things, paint a colour on these then go off to do something else, like paint other things, or do things around the house, etc. Or entertain Smaug....
This time, first up we have a Heavy Machinegun platoon of 4 Browning M1917 HMGs, and a command team. Painting is the same as the ones which I have done before, nice and simple.
Then we have an Anti-Tank Platoon made up of 3 57mm guns, as well as their supporting infantry which in this case is a command stand and three bazooka teams, Lots of small, scary anti-tank!

But for your bigger problems, you can't really argue with the 3" gun (see top of post). A repurposed anti-aircraft gun, firing a high velocity shell and later in the war firing HVAP rounds which were shown to be quite capable at penetrating the larger German vehicles, even King Tigers at close range. The platoon of Tank Destroyers is three carbine teams and 4 3" guns.
Lastly, going from very large, to very small. A single sniper stand, taking aim at some unlucky Hun from behind a fencepost.

Some great additions to your collection here Chris. I particularly like those 3" AT guns (and I didn't know they were originally designed as AA guns - interesting).

This collection will add 132 points to Chris' total. Nice job!


  1. Some really nice Yanks there, looking very capable of stopping the Krauts in their tracks. Love the sniper stand.

  2. A very nice work, Chris. The guns are fantastic!

  3. These are great, love the guns and the sniper



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