Saturday, December 29, 2012

From SamuliS: 28mm Napoleonic 95th Rifles (50 points)

Samuli sends us a great skirmishing group depicting the 95th Rifles.

From Samuli:
Here is my next batch. The infamous 95th. 10 metal Perry riflemen in 28mm.
Back to work after a christmas holiday during which painting was out of bounds. Plenty of episodes of Sharpe though to get me ready for painting some more 95th rifles to complete my battalion of them. Probably no need to introduce the subject to anyone :)

Nothing fancy, just basic Perry metal riflemen in 28mm. Painted with Vallejo and Army Painter paints. Finished with some quick shade and army painter ground products.
You did great work on these Samuli, well done.

This sharp bit of work (hardy har har...) will give Samuli 50 points to add to his total.


  1. Nice figures well painted, I like the ground work that you have done


  2. Nice bit of work, there, Samuli.

    Curt, you aren't a dad, are you? That was such a dad-joke! ;-)

    1. Just to my hounds (who also think I give lame dad-jokes).

  3. Nice work Samuli got to love a bit of Sharpe. Busy rereading the book myself at the moment.
    Peace James

  4. Thanks guys! Pretty annoying guys to paint though with the mix of dark green and black. Hard to get any detail to kind of stand out without the minis starting to look comical.

    Well next up something far flashier and more frog loving if Sharpe and Wellington are to be believed...


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