Sunday, April 1, 2012

20mm Viet Cong

Several weeks ago I posted a few American GIs from the Vietnam War and so I thought I'd paint-up some of their counterparts, the Viet Cong in their distinctive 'black pyjamas'.

These are 20mm figures, mostly from SHQ and/or FAA I believe, but I may be wrong as I've had them for quite some time.

While the majority of these figures carry the ubiquitous AKs, RPDs and RPGs there are several in this group which are unique in that they are fighting with older American equipment such as the M3 'Grease Gun', M1 Garand and the Thompson submachine gun. Originally, this equipment would have been given to the Viet Minh during the Second World War by the Americans who encouraged them to fight against the Japanese - ostensibly telling them that these weapons would aid them in their struggle for independence and self determination.  The dark irony to this being that the Viet Minh (later Viet Cong) would not only fight the Japanese with these weapons, but also the French and ultimately the Americans themselves.

To be frank I'm not too crazy about how these came out, but they're serviceable. I'll need to get some more done so we can try out 'Force on Force' later on this summer.


  1. Looks good dude! Now you are ready to play "Force on Force".

  2. Nice tidy work Curt. I am guessing you may be raiding the aquarium shops for heaps of plastic plants for the elephant grass etc of the country?

  3. nice wee force you've got there, I'm interested to see how this force on force plays

  4. Looking nice indeed. I may recommend taking a look to TooFatLardies "Charlie Don't Surf" too, that we've been playing extensively and really enjoying a lot over the past months (see the batreps in my blog)

  5. A very fine group. For "Force on Force"?
    It is a very interesting rulebook.

    Best regards.

  6. Thanks guys! I think I'm a bit down on them as they are very 'contrasty' - then again the paint scheme does help them stand out on the playing surface.

    @Scott: Yes, a visit to the pet store for the the appropriate flora is required.

    @Anibal Invictus: I'll definitely check out 'Charlie Don't Surf' as I quite like the Lardies' 'Sharp Practice' and 'Through the Mud and the Blood'.


  7. Those are Great Paint jobs! The miniatures look great I'll have to find them and buy some:) Keep up the great post. Greyson in USA


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