Sunday, March 4, 2012

From TimB: 28mm 'You Can Leave Your Hat On...' Greek Men Without Clothes (35 points)

(Sorry, I have a bit of Joe Cocker playing in the background...) I'm trying to avoid visits from those who are using a certain (ahem) search criteria. These ancient Greeks sans knickers are the newest entry from Tim.

These 28mm castings are from Black Tree Design. 'Hey, Anastasos, nice... spear!'

These shameless lads will give Tim 35 points. Nicely done, Tim!


  1. i`m stuck for words. these are ..., erm. i`m not sure. ilke them though.

  2. Nice spears, yes. They are really Men of Greece.

    A great painting job, Tim.

  3. Gay porn?, Fran will love this, the dirty ba$tid!

  4. My wife is still laughing she thought all soldiers were boring hee hee, great job once again

  5. Ray Rousell you cock hound, I'm going to fill you in, nice spears Tim, are these from memory or visual aid.

  6. Yikes! Not sure I would want to run into battle with all my bits flapping about! Nice figures all the same.


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