Thursday, March 8, 2012

From RayR: French & Indian Wars Civilians (174 points)

Ray sends in another substantial entry of civilians for his ever-growing French & Indian Wars project.

These are mostly 15mm Freikorps figures with a sprinkling of unknown manufacturers.

Included are 16 armed civilians, 16 'men about town', doing various jobs, 18 ladies and 8 kids.

This group will give Ray a very tidy 174 points. Well done! Next for Ray is some Nine-Years War infantry so stay tuned for those.


  1. Great stuff Ray and what a nice project! You also one impressive tally of points!


  2. Very impressive work forn15s, lots of nice detail, especially in the female civilian figures. Well dne that man!

  3. great work once again my friend you points are really getting up there now, nice job on the ladies

  4. Thas a nice varied collection! well executed. Good job Ray!

  5. A lot of models, Ray, and very nice all of them. This period is very colorful.


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