Saturday, March 17, 2012

From GregB: 15mm WWII Soviet Armour (60 points)

Greg sends in a great set of Soviet WWII tanks to add to his growing collection of 15mm armour.

From Greg:
'Here are five models (plus four additional turrets) of 15mm T-34 tanks.  These are from a box of Plastic Soldier Company, my first experience with these products.  You get enough parts for five tanks in one box, plus enough turrets to do them as either T-34/76s or T-34/85s.  You also get extra bits for commanders and some stowage.  It's great value.' 

'The downsides are the assembly of the tracks - a little tricky - and the soft detail on the plastic.  But overall, still a great value. Also, I suspect these are smaller than the Battlefront "15mm" scale models - so I'm not sure if they will mix.' 

'I did five of the tanks as Russian, with extra turrets so they can "late war" with the switch of a turret. The fifth tank I did up as a T-34/76 captured by the Germans.' 

Very nice work on these, Greg! These five T-34s with their variant turrets will give Greg 60 points, putting him within sight of the 1K mark. Great stuff!


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